pub type match_event_handler = Option<unsafe extern "C" fn(id: c_uint, from: c_ulonglong, to: c_ulonglong, flags: c_uint, context: *mut c_void) -> c_int>;
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Definition of the match event callback function type.

A callback function matching the defined type must be provided by the application calling the @ref hs_scan(), @ref hs_scan_vector() or @ref hs_scan_stream() functions (or other streaming calls which can produce matches).

This callback function will be invoked whenever a match is located in the target data during the execution of a scan. The details of the match are passed in as parameters to the callback function, and the callback function should return a value indicating whether or not matching should continue on the target data. If no callbacks are desired from a scan call, NULL may be provided in order to suppress match production.

This callback function should not attempt to call Hyperscan API functions on the same stream nor should it attempt to reuse the scratch space allocated for the API calls that caused it to be triggered. Making another call to the Hyperscan library with completely independent parameters should work (for example, scanning a different database in a new stream and with new scratch space), but reusing data structures like stream state and/or scratch space will produce undefined behavior.

@param id The ID number of the expression that matched. If the expression was a single expression compiled with @ref hs_compile(), this value will be zero.

@param from - If a start of match flag is enabled for the current pattern, this argument will be set to the start of match for the pattern assuming that that start of match value lies within the current ‘start of match horizon’ chosen by one of the SOM_HORIZON mode flags.

 - If the start of match value lies outside this horizon (possible only
   when the SOM_HORIZON value is not @ref HS_MODE_SOM_HORIZON_LARGE),
   the @p from value will be set to @ref HS_OFFSET_PAST_HORIZON.

 - This argument will be set to zero if the Start of Match flag is not
   enabled for the given pattern.

@param to The offset after the last byte that matches the expression.

@param flags This is provided for future use and is unused at present.

@param context The pointer supplied by the user to the @ref hs_scan(), @ref hs_scan_vector() or @ref hs_scan_stream() function.

@return Non-zero if the matching should cease, else zero. If scanning is performed in streaming mode and a non-zero value is returned, any subsequent calls to @ref hs_scan_stream() for that stream will immediately return with @ref HS_SCAN_TERMINATED.